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I Woke Up Here

Way back at the beginning of the year, when I moved, I wanted a fresh start with a new bed and new bedding. At 45 years old I hadn’t ever picked out a new bed all by myself, not having to consider the opinions or desires of another person. I still had a definite budget in mind. I knew I wanted a metal bedframe, I’m not a fan of upholstered frames. Not sure why… it’s just not a trend I care for. It was a toss up with a more standard metal frame and this one with the curlycues. I went with the more girly one with curlycues. I absolutely love this bed, it’s strangely more solid than it looks. My friend April put it together for me the day I moved in and I can jump up and down on it with nary a squeak. Even if I only use it for a year or two, I absolutely love this bed.

I had wanted a crazy fun boho bedroom for years! Bring this hippie chick her bright fun bedding. This was… a bit of a design clash in the past. As soon as I saw this quilt I absolutely fell in love. I’m also generally team quilt over team duvet. Although when I lived in NH heavy comforters were often a necessity.

I’ve been making my bed every day, which is a new thing for me this year. I never grew up with that as a chore or expectation. I like it though, having my bed made nicely during the day and having a fresh bed to get into at night. I often thank morning me for it at night. But in theme with this prompt, I took this photo just after waking up and getting out of bed.

If you remember, back at the beginning of the year I set a goal to write like a mother. With everything going on in our nation I’ve been struggling with that a bit. So I decided to use this month’s photo a day prompts from Chantelle to get me going. Some may be posts like today (which was actually yesterday’s prompt). Some may just be instagram posts. And some I may skip.

Merlin is in the picture and generally sleeps with me. Gwen is more of an occasional visitor or tends to sleep under the bed. And, speaking of occasional visitors, this topic came up recently and had my daughter and I laughing (and singing No Scrubs for days): If you’re single and sleep in a larger bed, what do you call the side of your bed that you don’t use? I referred to mine as the passenger side (thus the No Scrubs reference).

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