Feuerunterdrückung Marktanalyse, Top-Unternehmensregion, Treiber, Trends und Prognosen bis 2024

The size of the fire suppression market was USD 13 Bn in 2016; USD 16 Bn is expected to be exceeded in 2024. According to a forecast analysis report, an average annual growth rate of 3.7% is expected for the fire suppression market during this period.

This detailed research report includes an analysis of evolving technology, business competition, industry strategies, key players in the market, growth rate and forecast up to 2024. The report includes enough details to highlight the importance of key industry sectors.

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It represents an extremely precise assessment of the industry competitor structure. All the important market details were summarized in the report in a detailed, systematic way. The overview was inserted after a detailed analysis of the driving forces, the parameters that could affect market growth and the future preview of the industry.

The research report provides a general market design – including the basic market definitions, countless classifications and applications. Furthermore, the report offers a detailed assessment of the industry players – both on a global and a regional level. The study includes a detailed list of numerous forecast trends and demand up to 2024. The report also includes details of the many companies that are part of the competitive landscape within the industry. The numerous market innovations, the technologies used, as well as other factors influencing product demand are further key topics.

Market Growth Drivers

  1. Increasing fire risk
  2. Strict state standards for fire protection
  3. Favorable government laws and security standards
  4. Growing construction and renovation activities
  5. Rapid industrialization and urbanization
  6. Raising awareness of fire protection systems
  7. Increase in infrastructure spending

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Market Segmentation:

The new research report informs you about the market growth and the top growth factors of key companies such as

TYCO, Amerex Corporation, National Fire Equipment Ltd., United Technologies Corporation, Master Fire Preventions Ltd., Minimax, NAFFCO, Lubrizol, Firetronics, Bristol Fire Engineering, SFFECO, Halma PLC, Johnson Controls, Robert Bosch

Comprehensive review of market growth, applications and future prospects

  1. Housing,
  2. Industry,
  3. Handel (Bildung, Gesundheitswesen, Einzelhandel, Logistik und Transport, Büros, Gastgewerbe, andere)

Die regionale Bewertung gewährleistet

  • Nordamerika,
  • Europa,
  • Asien-Pazifik,
  • Lateinamerika (LATAM),
  • Naher Osten

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Marktbericht beinhaltet

  1. Eine Bewertung des derzeitigen Branchenszenarios, sowie der Wachstumschancen, der Zielgruppe, der Hauptakteure und der Marktvorhersagen bis zum Jahr 2024
  2. Eine umfassende Analyse der Marktgröße, der Wachstumsvorhersagen, der Branchenbewertung und der Hauptkonkurrenten bis zum Jahr 2024
  3. Details zu Primär- und Sekundärforschungen, zur Marktsegmentierung und Konsumanalyse
  4. Eine tiefgehende Untersuchung der aufkommenden Wachstumsparameter, des Export-Forschungsberichtes und der Marktdynamik
  5. Market assessment, strategic developments, as well as a forecast for 2024
  6. Product applications, market trends, technological advances and ongoing demand and forecasts for 2024

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