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  • Oscar Isaac From Star Wars To Play Moon Knight In Upcoming Disney+ Marvel Series

    ‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac Tapped To Star In Marvel And Disney+ Series. With his experience in the Star Wars franchise coming to an end. And now Oscar Isaac sets his sights on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sources hears he is in discussions to star as the title part in Moon Knight. And the Marvel and Disney+ series based on the…

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  • Titans Season 3: Red Hood’s Look And Another Character’s New Identity Revealed; Know Here

    Titans Season 3: Titans Unveils First Look at Red Hood, [Spoiler] ‘s New Season 3 Personality.Titans has lifted the veil on its take on the character of Red Hood, who will make his appearance during Season 3 on HBO Max. It publish in August throughout the superhero series’ panel at DC FanDome. And that “things…

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  • Equipping Yourself For A Return To The Gym

    Hey there friends! Today I have a fun collaborative post on getting ready to get back into the gym! Depending on where you are the date for gyms to reopen may have been set, they could already be open, or you may just be daydreaming… but odds are you’re thinking about how best to return. Now,…

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  • Monday Morning Coffee Break- Really July?

    Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I’ve apparently been collecting posts to share with you for a month now. I think we can all agree that 2020 is just, weird, and that all typical cycles and patterns are off. Speaking of patterns… I’m afraid I don’t have much light hearted fare. I’ll stick with the pattern of…

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  • I Woke Up Here

    Way back at the beginning of the year, when I moved, I wanted a fresh start with a new bed and new bedding. At 45 years old I hadn’t ever picked out a new bed all by myself, not having to consider the opinions or desires of another person. I still had a definite budget in…

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  • Ultimate Coffee Date August- Ready for a Fresh Start

    Hey There Friends! It’s the beginning of the month so it’s time to link up with Deborah and Coco for the Ultimate Coffee Date! Since we’re all really good at virtual coffee dates these days, go ahead and pour a cup so we can chat! My friend Raena from The Working Momtras likes to talk about us deserving whipped cream in our…

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  • On Nooks and Tables and Values Oh My!
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    On Nooks and Tables and Values Oh My!

    Years ago, working with one of my therapists, I created a vision board. It was one of my favorites. So was she, actually. She noted the common theme of tables and light. We talked about my love for feeding people, my joy in gathering loved ones around a table. Dining spaces, both indoor and out, have…

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