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The Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard

Greetings! I would like you to meet the Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard, result hk  weekly list of the best tournament players on its site. It’s basically a weekly contest that awards tournament dollars and a chance to win at least $1,000 cash.

Cashing a multi-table tournament (excluding satellites, Sit’n’Gos, UltimatePoint tournaments, and freerolls) will earn you tournament points, and the player with the most tournament points at the end of each week (which starts on Monday and ends on Sunday night) will be that week’s leaderboard winner. If you’re interested in how tournament points are calculated, here’s the equation:

Tournament Points = ln(P) * sqrt(B) * r * 10

P – the number of players in the tournament

B – the buy-in (not including the entry fee)

r – the percentage that the player wins from the prize pool payout schedule

The top 50 Tournament Point earners appear on the tournament leaderboard. 2nd through 10th place receives 100 tournament dollars for their efforts. The person in 1st place by the time Sunday at 11:59 PM ET rolls around wins the chance to play a heads-up match versus a Team UB member the following Sunday at 4 PM ET. If the leaderboard winner wins the heads-up match, (s)he will receive $1,000. If (s)he loses, the $1,000 prize will roll over to the next week’s heads-up match.

If you’re interested in up-to-date data on this leaderboard, please bookmark the following page: Scroll down to where it says ‘Excapsa Software Poker Leaderboard’ and click on a day in the Calendar. The page it brings you to will show you hourly player counts for the network as well as the players in the leaderboard for that day (scroll down a little bit to see the leaderboard list). For example, if you check today’s leaderboard, it shows SJSharksNo1 in the lead with 406.88 Tournament Points. He has a very healthy lead over second place and the point accumulation for the week ends tonight, so it looks like he will win this week’s leaderboard.

I will be writing weekly articles covering UltimateBet’s leaderboard, and these will be posted every Friday. Thanks for your interest and see you soon for my first UB leaderboard analysis!

PPA launches Litigation Support Network

Yesterday the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), a nonprofit organization that ensures poker’s integrity and protects players’ rights, launched its Litigation Support Network. It is a free service that can give informal and initial poker-related legal advice on state and local levels as well as provide members with a network of attorneys with interest in helping with poker-related issues should this need arise.

Patrick Fleming, the PPA state director for New Hampshire, will head the Litigation Support Network. “The patchwork of state and local laws relating to poker is leaving PPA members confused about what is legal and what is illegal,” Fleming recently said. “In our ongoing efforts to protect the rights of Americans to play poker, the establishment of the Litigation Support Network will provide members with an added level of security as they enjoy the game in their homes, at their local pub or as a way to help a local charity. I am honored to be leading this important effort on behalf of the PPA.”

The Litigation Support Network will be a resource for PPA members that have questions in the organization of a charity poker event, development of a poker league, or even in the case of being arrested for poker-related activities. Members can either email or call to set up a free preliminary phone call with an attorney, and if this is not enough, they have the choice to pick an attorney in the area to take their case. This service makes it very easy for any PPA member to just pick up the phone and have any poker-related legal questions answered immediately. There will even be help available in cases where it must be argued that poker is a game of skill, not a game of chance.

“As both the popularity of poker and the membership of PPA continue to grow, the Litigation Support Network is an opportunity to provide even more value to our members,” said PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato. “The Litigation Support Network is an important service that our members can and should use.”

The network is currently looking for attorneys to join their services and those interested should apply via the PPA website ( “I encourage attorneys who want to defend poker players and this great American game of skill to join this effort,” D’Amato said.

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